Michelle StClaire

Michelle StClaire was certified by Balanced Body through Core Conditioning and was trained by teachers who are directly down the historic line from Joseph Pilates himself. Michelle has successfully owned and operated beautiful Pilates South Bay in Redondo Beach for the last 11 years. Michelle specializes in Children through the Elderly and was the top Children's Teacher at Body and Mind Coe in Manhattan Beach for several years.  Her students enjoy top notch professional teachers, amazing workouts, dedicated students in a fun atmosphere all wrapped up in a gorgeous studio blocks from the Pacific Ocean.

Michelle had lived a life struggling with back pain until Pilates saved her. Having spent 10 years working in law firms, Michelle searched for an answer to her daily back pain from scoliosis. After becoming certified as a personal trainer, her search for pain relief was found in Pilates. Today Michelle will tell you that Pilates empowered her to go on with life with much less pain, more energy, better sleep, more happiness and life balance! That is why the Pilates South Bay tagline is “Balance Yourself.” Michelle's current Teachers in Training will assure you that you'll love Michelle's detailed format and curriculum that is highly comprehensive and understandable. Her gentle queuing but tough training techniques are unparalleled in the industry. Her long time students will attest to her dedication and passion about the practice of Pilates and her dedication to adding balance to life. Come along on this fun and exciting Journey with Michelle, you won’t regret it!  

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