Groupon Set Up

Please do not drop into class.  Groupon registration takes 24 hours & is all online.  Follow ALL 3 STEPS TO COMPLETE SET UP.

First Step: Create Account

Create Account

Let Us Know, Then Wait

Second Step: After you've created your account email us with your 8 digit Groupon # (don't print)

Third  Step: Wait 24 hours for your "thanks for your purchase" email. Meanwhile, fill out your Waiver & IMPORTANT look at Scheduling Tips & Waiver

Fill Out Waiver
Sheduling Tips


If you schedule a class and cancel within 12 hours you will be charged $10 please email us in the event of an emergency [email protected]

Email Us

*Group classes require some agility and stamina. If you are injured or have limitations, you should inquire ([email protected].com) we offer 1 New Student Private for $49 or 3/ $135. A professional Pilates Instructor can prepare you for modifications in class. *

*After your Groupon is Activated, check out our New Student Tips Page